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Italian Official: In California, No One Would Be Dead - 4/9/09 - NY Times

NY Times News Blog website screenshotAs Italy recovers from the deadly earthquake on Monday in the Abruzzo region, where the death toll has now climbed past 200, an Italian official has blamed poor enforcement of building standards and stated simply, “In California, an earthquake like this one would not have killed a single person.”

The remark by Franco Barberi, who leads a commission on assessing risks for Italy’s Civil Protection agency, was reported widely in the Italian press on Tuesday — including the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera and the Italian broadcaster RAI.

According to Reuters, Mr. Barberi added that problems with construction in Italy, where earthquakes are common, have come to light in the past, “Once again we are faced with the lack of control on the quality of construction.” [Read Full Article]

By Robert Mackey and Liz Robbins
The New York Times News Blog - April 7, 2009

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