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Snow Loading and Roof Safety - What Should You Do? - 12/30/08

As the snow continued to accumulate last week, then turned to rain and finally began to melt, we heard about roof collapses from St. Helens to Portland to McMinnville.

Slow Loading and Roof SafetyYesterday, I asked Jim Nicks, BDS' Residential Inspections Manager, what advice he has about roof safety during future snowstorms and he offered the following tips:

Arctic Blast 2008Most importantly, remember - safety first! My brother-in-law fell and took out the Christmas lights while trying to shovel snow and ice off his roof last week. My sister tried to rescue him, tweaking her back, and my little nieces stood on the ground crying, "Daddy, Daddy!"

When in doubt, call a professional. December 21st was just the first day of winter and who knows what the next few months have in store for us.

Alisa Cour
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