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The “ThinkPermit” public outreach program is a non-profit program created and maintained by the Oregon Building Officials Association to increase public education and awareness of building codes and improve the image of code officials. All proceeds go only to pay for outreach efforts.

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ThinkPermit has created a new Members Area. Our new member areas provide a place to download all of the ThinkPermit brochures, handouts, permit tips and logos. Click on the Members Area button below.

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If you have difficulty with these files or need them in a different format, please contact Jon Czerniak with Washington County at 503-560-7442.

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include:

Access to the members only section of the website which contains:

  1. The ThinkPermit logo in printable form for use in your department information such as business cards and letterhead, logos for clothing or advertising.
  2. A membership starter kit that includes: A 24” X 30” poster of the “ThinkPermit” ad, ThinkPermit brochures and handouts, and samples of items in the “ThinkPermit” store.
  3. Sample articles or other media exposure for your use or adaptation
  4. ThinkPermit” ad copies for posters, transit advertising, news paper and magazine advertising.
  5. Project ideas and plans --such as the Bird House program created by Clark County, Washington for public outreach and improving the image of code officials to children OR the Residential Plan Return to Homeowners Program created by Oregon City, Oregon and now in use in numberous jurisdictions through-out Oregon and Southern Washington.
  6. Access to the “ThinkPermit” store where members can purchase “ThinkPermit” promotional items in any quantity without having to buy them in larger bulk quantities.  Current store items include:  Childrens hardhats, carpenter pencils, business card Magnets, “ThinkPermit” business cards,  coffee cups and mouse pads.
  7. Down-loadable copies of the “ThinkPermit” brochures and flyers.
    • Commonly Asked Questions
    • Do I need a Building Permit?
    • Do I need a Mechanical Permit?
    • Do I need a Electrical Permit?
    • Do I need a Plumbing Permit?
  8.  Your contact information added to the “Find an Office” link of the web page that will provide a direct link from the “ThinkPermit” website to your jurisdiction.
  9. Your link to an ever-broadening group of code officials who willingly share successful programs to raise the awareness of the importance of the code official’s role in public safety.  Your membership gives you important tools to reach out and educate homeowners, businesses and your civic administration on the value of a well supported Building Code program.

Literally thousands of hours have been spent in the development of the “ThinkPermit” public outreach program.  Your membership allows you access to the results of those efforts!

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